The sport, table tennis, is growing in fame as many more people are exposed to the tactical skills involved in the game. It does not just require a racket in hand. It requires one to have utmost concentration and move with speed and agility. This is also a reason why table tennis bat singapore is growing in demand.

What Is A Table Tennis Bat Made From?

If you check the particular components of a table tennis bat, it is just wood, called the blade, glue and rubber. The wood is used for getting a good grip while the rubber is used for getting the right friction with the ball.

How To Choose The Best Blade?

Choosing the blade depends on several factors. Including your playing style. The speed of the blade is important during game-play. So if you want a fast offence paddle, then you must OFF+ paddle. Another factor is the blade weight and this is customized to individual preference. You must also ensure to use an all-wood blade. Many of these blades have plies or layers of wood. Generally, there will be 5, but you can customize it to your needs.

How To Hold The Blade Effectively?

The game depends on your grip on the blade. There are mainly two grips or styles to your blade. One is the western style, or shakehand hold, while the other is Penhold grip. When a table tennis bat Singapore is held by a beginner, they usually learn with the western grip.