Contact lenses: how to remove, put on and maintain

You have always worn prescription glasses but you are thinking that, perhaps, wearing contact lenses can be very comfortable in some moments of your day to day life. Today we bring a brief guide to the basics to take into account when wearing contact lenses. Click here for bausch and lomb colored contacts.

How to position the contact lens?

Getting up in the morning and putting on contact lenses can be an impossible mission, especially those days when the sheets catch us and the pillow screams at us. Once we get out of bed, the next mission awaits us: putting on the contact lens. Visit this site for bausch lomb contact lenses.

How to apply contact lens

  • With the lens on the tip of the index finger, lower the lower eyelid, resting on the base of the lashes with the middle finger of the same hand.
  • Lift the upper eyelid with the fingers of the other hand, resting these on the base of the lashes and looking down.
  • While still holding the lids, place the lens on the eye, press lightly with the index finger and remove it.
  • Look in different directions.
  • Relax your eyelids and lower them.
  • Blink gently and the lens will focus naturally.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes.

How to remove the contact lens?

After a long day, the sofa becomes our favorite destination, but first you have to remove your contact lenses.

  • Wash your hands carefully, rinse them thoroughly and dry them with a clean towel that does not leave fibers on the fingers.
  • With the middle finger, pull the lower eyelid.
  • Lightly rest your index finger on the lens and slide it down over the white of your eye, looking up.
  • Hold the lens between your thumb and forefinger, never do it with your nails.
  • Gently remove it from the eye and place it in its case with the maintenance solution if it is a monthly lens, or discard it if it is a daily lens.
  • Apart from performing a proper ritual, it is important to store contact lenses in their case and never reuse the maintenance solution from the previous day.