Golf cart maintenance guide

With advancements in technology in every aspect of golf, it’s no surprise that golf carts, once thought of as box-shaped cars rolling at snail speed, are now so modern and trendy. Click here for golf buggy accessories australia.

Maintaining such a fleet of golf carts is more vital than ever. They all require regular maintenance in order to keep them in good working order, but the specifics of this attention differ by model, frequency of use and power source.


Making sure your facility’s golf cart fleet is in top condition is one way to deliver the high standard of service that most golf clubs strive to achieve every day. After all, prevention is much more profitable than repair.Regularly check andd repair the engine. Visit this site for golf buggy spare parts australia.

Getting vendors

Many courses have a maintenance agreement with their golf cart vendor, covering minor repairs and scheduled preventative maintenance. This ensures that all carts are serviced and that any minor issues are corrected as a priority. Whether you have this type of agreement or not, it is imperative that this monitoring takes place to avoid larger problems.

Gasoline carts

Gasoline powered carts require an oil change, new spark plugs, belts, and filters – this should be done once a year with moderate to regular use. It is important to recognize the problems indicated by a small leak, a distinct smell or an unusual noise in order to prevent any major problems. It is important to contact your golf cart technician to investigate these problems as they arise, as well as to check the clutch on each vehicle once a year. Larger problems will result in expensive repair expenses which can be avoided by proper maintenance.

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