A wine cellar is a storage area where you can store wine in bottles, wooden barrels, and sometimes plastic containers. A wine cellar is equipped with a climate control system. Where the temperature, moisture, and heating are controlled. A wine cellar is generally located underground, where the air is trapped, and everything works depending on the system’s prescribed temperature. The French people discovered the first wine cellarwas the first in 1700 to invent a wine cellar to keep the juice extracted from the vineyard in barrels. In this article, we will discuss how to CUSTOM BUILT WINE CELLAR.

Purpose of a wine cellar-

  • To prevent spoilage- wine cellars are made to prevent wine from getting damaged and can be stored for longer. The cellar should not be exposed to sunlight or heat.
  • To improve the quality- wine cellars are used to store wines for ages as this place maintains an optimum temperature throughout the year helping the wine to mature day after day or year after year and letting it taste much better.

Making your cellar-

  • Check for leaks or cracks– check the walls, ceilings, and floor for any air pockets, water leaks, etc., as the outside air or involvement of water might damage your wine.
  • Install a wine cellar cooling system– wines should be kept cold and dry, so you need a cooling system that will always maintain a constant cold temperature inside the cellar.


A wine cellar needs a lot of proper observation and care as if a slight difference in a temperature rise might ruin your wine.