Introducing SAP SuccessFactors – Things to Know

SuccessFactors HCM is the market-leading app that delivers the complete set of the talent management solutions, and robust workforce analytics & planning with the next generation HCM solution, which improves the executive insight & decision making. This helps to ensure that you have right people with right skills doing all kind of right work.

Suppose you are facing following challenges, then SuccessFactors HCM system will help you out.

  • Recruitment activities are highly reactive and not proactive
  • It’s taking very long to attract & hire the suitable staff
  • Top performers will leave because they aren’t being awarded rightly
  • Succession planning is ineffective and it isn’t possible to put learning & development actions in proper place
  • It takes very long for the new hires to become productive
  • People do not have right skills for meeting the demands of market & deliver competitively

  • Business targets aren’t efficiently cascaded throughout your organization
  • Skills & competencies of the workforce aren’t aligned with the critical business requirements
  • You have to make right people decisions to grow the business, but cannot do so in the timely way as data will be fragmented across the organization
  • Staff are not very effective as they can be & collaboration is not very effective

SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite

  • Being offered as the cloud solution to the enterprise & companies, you get:
  • Engaged & motivated employees
  • Amazing Business Results
  • Time to Value
  • Certainty
  • Adaptability
  • Affordability
  • Comprehensiveness