Memory foam mattress Singapore to help you with insomnia

memory foam mattress singapore

If you are suffering from a backache or a stiff neck, a memory foam mattress singapore can be a huge help. Backaches can be extremely stubborn to get rid of. However, most of the time, it is caused due to improper sleeping postures or uncomfortable sleep. Mattress plays a huge role in a person’s sleep habits. Though a foam mattress can be rather expensive than a spring mattress, it is a genuinely good investment.

Memory foam mattress- is it worth it?

To answer the question, it is worth it. Unlike a spring mattress that goes bonkers with springs poking out with constant use in a limited amount of time, a memory foam mattress lasts for around 5 to 8 years depending upon the manufacturing quality. The product is known for its soft nature that lets us sink into it when laid upon. A Foam mattress has better breathability than other products. A memory foam mattress is known for its ability to absorb body heat which warms up the bed, which can be an excellent feature for winters or cold countries. However, it may not sound good for cool bed sleepers and relatively high-temperature places. This characteristic of the mattress may worsen night sweats problems in users. Nevertheless, its compact construction repels it from dust and dust mites. The comfortable product helps reduce pressure on joints and reduces body aches better than a regular mattress. What makes it different from other mattresses is its ability to distribute our weight equally onto the mattress which helps increase the durability of the product.