Space Travel – Very Low Frequencies of Planet Earth

There have been many investigations on the most proficient method to manage these things. For example for radiation putting water tanks are around the fenced in areas containing life to forestall a large part of the radiation entrance. New materials are being investigated to forestall separate in case of serious space climate. Calcium separate has additionally been examined. Forlornness and mix insane issues which could prompt serious mental break downs can be commended with correspondence and with VR reproductions and have been an issue with the MIR and Worldwide Space Stations concerning individual things and individual space which has all the earmarks of being inborn. Sex could be checked by utilization of both sex teams for long haul travel. Closter fear is by all accounts a quality that not all individuals have a ton and can be evaluated for so this hazard can likewise be decreased. In any case, what has not been talked about and we can track down no logical papers on; is the natural planet holding that could happen and undoubtedly exists inside the frequencies of our minds and our being or soul.

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Earth’s Recurrence is 8.5 Hz that steady recurrence is what our bodies have been adjusted as well. Quality Rodenberry showed the Star Journey teams expecting to find planets like Earth and this would turn into their new Perfect world. Other sci-fi scholars have addressed brain research for example, Arthur C Clark when in 3001 a space wayfarer was found drifting in space however he was frozen, clearly would have been crazy after that period. Mariners adrift would have similar ELF since they are fairly still appended to the planet. Yet, when you leave the Earth’s gravitational field, then what? Profound Space ought to have many treat for us, exacting independence from a Planet which has kept our species secured for our whole presence. Changing the progression of thought in the human mind because of the subjugation breaking could change a lot. Maybe permit the cerebrum to reformat itself and meaningfully have an impact on the manner in which it works or maybe it could quit thinking accurately or how it was educated to think.

Might we at any point imitate the ELF inside the space case or change the sounds and beats of electrical drive to assist the space traveler’s framework with working how to get quality elf ears. Yet, thinking about every one of the hints of the relative multitude of engines and frequencies and offsetting them out with one more beat to neutralize the beats so the thing that matters is inside the scope of the ELF that the human body likes and feels content with, consequently fulfilling the natural need or a Planet Fix to assist with the dependence which may intrinsically happen in each one of us? What’s more assuming this is the case might we at any point create a gadget which we can use in our homes while we rest or chat on a PDA to put us settled while dozing causing the expected assessed REM that the body needs to recover.