In early age of the hotel, the accommodations were basic, generally one room that has the bed, cupboard, small table and washstand. Nowadays, most of the rooms come well equipped with the modern facilities. Besides bathrooms, there’s air conditioning, telephone, TV, Wi-Fi, and mini-bar with some snacks & drinks. There are many different kinds of hotels that will suit any individual’s tastes, and needs. The two primary kinds of the hotels are the luxury hotels & budget hotel offer Hong Kong. Even though both of them have same basic amenities, both these kinds of hotels have got significant differences. Let us find out:

Budget Hotels

Like the name recommends, such hotels were actually established for the people who have the small budget and thus want to spend very little. Rooms in the hotels generally have basic facilities like a bed & washing facilities and have got communal toilets. Most of the budget hotels are a bit older.

They’re clean but not much fancy as the luxury hotels. You can find budget hotel promotion Hong Kong that are well equipped with the worn fixtures & they don’t offer anything free besides a breakfast and newspaper that is included in price they charge.

Luxury Hotels

The Luxury Hotels accommodation are for the people who’re used to the lavish lifestyles. Employees at such hotels are trained to cater everything that their guests demand. They aim in offering the guests with luxuries that they desire during the stay.