NASDAQ: BDSX Enterprise For Advanced Diagnostics Procurement

The corporation has filed with the United States an IPO prospectus. On Friday the Stock and Exchange Commission plans to lift Nasdaq ‘s bid of up to $75 million.

Biodesix NASDAQ: BDSX describes itself as a “data-driven diagnostic solutions organisation,” incorporating artificial intelligence in its platform to create and facilitate diagnostics for health needs that are not fulfilled, with a special emphasis on lung disease.

The organisation has also responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by collaborations to create testing for physicians and nurses, educational institutions and companies, while better known for lung diagnostics. In 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 Biodesix said it plans to see higher sales from COVID-19 diagnostic and antibody research.

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Biodesix was founded by Crunchbase data and recently raised 188 million dollars in venture capital. The most important owners are Jack Schuler and John Patience, biotech investors, who are registered in the SEC.The organisation reported 9.3 million dollars in sales for the first 6 months of 2020, with a losses of 18 million dollars in comparison with profits of 12.3 million dollars and a net loss of 14.6 million dollars for the period ended in 2020.

About Biodesix

Biodesix is an organisation that supports the production of novel multi-omics oncology blood testing for accuracy therapies. Biodesix identifies, produces and markets multivariate protein and genomic monitoring in fluid biopsies in a 72-hour time span, including the Gene Strat and VeriStrat samples.

 By offering diagnostic testing and a Biodesix ReflexTM research Plan to do physicians to improve clinical advice, precise prognosis and improved condition tracking to maximise patient performance, the organisation is changing the quality of treatment. Biodesix introduces novel assessments for patients that can benefit from immunotherapy in the leading field of personalised medicine.

 Besides independently designing the new diagnostics, the organisation also produces complementary diagnostics for use of medicinal agents for biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms.

Biodesix, Inc., NASDAQ: BDSX a diagnostic molecular corporation, today reported that it has acquired Integrated Diagnostics, Inc. (Ind.) based in Seattle. The agreement includes the XL2 test, the lead oncology tool in India, which gives patients with suspected lung nodules a non-invasive cancer detection process. There were no financial conditions of the contract.

More than 1.6 million lung nodules in patients are detected per year by healthcare providers in the USA. Determining whether these nodules are malignant or benign is always difficult and expensive.

The XL2 test is a classificatory of the pulmonary nodule which measures blood proteins to recognise lung nodules which are highly likely to be benign. Data from the PANOPTIC clinical trial reported in the CHEST journal, reveal that XL2 is 98 percent successful in separating healthy nodules from malignant patients from sub-patients with low-to – moderate risk lung nodules. You can buy these stocks from desktop trading platform.

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